Handheld Training Study (Smart-phone Anxiety Study)

Socially anxious? Worry? Your iPhone, iPod Touch, or Android phone can help

As mentioned in The Economist magazine, March 3, 2011 (article, see "seeking volunteers... use smart-phones" for anxiety).

In this study, conducted by Phil Enock and Richard McNally at Harvard University, participants used an experimental training/treatment using an iPhone, iPod Touch, or Android smartphone over the course of 4 weeks. The method is intended to decrease social anxiety and excessive worrying by reducing the tendency of anxious people to focus on threatening items around them.

This study has now accepted its complete number of participants (as of August 15, 2011); thus, sign-up for the study has closed. If our research interests you, put yourself on our email list to receive information about participating in future studies with researchers in the McNally Lab at Harvard University, Department of Psychology.

Once on our email list, you can expect infrequent emails about studies in which you can participate from home (anywhere in the world) or from the Boston area. Studies may require a computer or handheld device (smartphones, tablet). Studies may range from 20-minute experiments to investigate anxiety- or mood-related processes to 4-week studies testing experimental treatments.

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